Playground Design

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Wicksteed's in-house design facility is probably the most advanced in the industry, but it's the experience and creativity of our innovative play area designers that guarantee the ideal solution. Our design and sales teams are not only trained in all aspects of playground design and safety but above all, they understand what play provision should do to satisfy children’s needs.

Wicksteed graphics department

When designing playgrounds, Wicksteed is aware of the huge range of requirements involved. From budget limitations to individual opportunities and constraints any site presents; from initial concept to final implementations, all issues are considered.

Design considerations

Playgrounds need to integrate with the local environment, not only in the way they look, but also how they meet the needs of the community and the children. Our playground design team are able to optimise the various elements of your play areas, including the choice and layout of the play equipment, the use of colour and the incorporation of natural and landscaped features, according to the ages and abilities of the young people who will play there.

Here are examples of a typical Wicksteed isometric design drawing:

Harestanes play area