Public consultation

Public Consultation

Stakeholder and especially public involvement has proven to be critical to providing a functional, exciting playspace design which, due to the involvement of the public throughout all stages of the design process, ensures that the community feels empowered and has ownership of the scheme.

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Wicksteed can carry out a full public consultation process – from designing the procedure, following discussion with the stakeholders, to managing the process through to completion.

Underpinning this strategy is our 4 stage process:


To successfully include all groups requires an open, managed approach with public consultation being key to understanding the children’s and parents needs whilst being mindful of budget, environmental and site constraints.

Wicksteed’s extensive experience ensures that we know how to identify which groups within the locality that need to be approached and whose views you really need to include. Our research and experience ensures that we know how to get the best results from all of the community. Our approach is to include a cross section of consultation techniques in order to get the views of: younger and older children; vocal and less vocal members of the community; wealthier and less wealthy families; and able and less able bodied members of the community.

Our Marketing Director will head a project team by coordinating and providing a hands-on approach ensuring that knowledge and understanding of each community’s aspirations and needs are fully understood. The Area Sales Manager will help the communities by assisting with a targeted mix of the following techniques:


We can incorporate Spaceshaper into the process.

This is a government backed Public Consultation tool designed by

CABE (Commission for Architecture & Built Environment).





Wicksteed have CABE trained ‘facilitators’ for this public consultation process. This ‘toolkit’ ensures that the public consultation is meticulous. Engaging with the local community in a fun and exciting and proven manner. The results are collated in a statistical format for funders and sponsors.  It is a recognised official tool that adds credence to the process.



The following examples are offered Free of Charge as part of our Public Consultation process.

  • Direct communication with the local resident associations and stakeholders ensuring their participation in the process of consultation.
  • Provide info, questionnaires, literature and assistance should the community group wish to undertake door to door interviews;
  • Advertisements in the local press depicting all the relevant information,
  • Posters designed, printed and displayed in local facilities, i.e. shops, leisure centres, etc., advertising public consultation meeting dates.
  • Leaflet campaign delivered to homes within the locality of the individual play areas.
  • Creation of questionnaires as agreed;
  • Assistance with the organisation of public meetings including: the hire of an appropriate local hall / facility.
  • Provide assistance with fun days for younger children allowing them to draw or model ideas;
  • Design signs to be installed close to the proposed sites, showing the graphics of the proposed play areas. The signs will also provide contact details, website details and dates and venues of public consultation meetings.
  • Use social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. to generate an opportunity for all of the community to provide feedback;


Analysis of all information from public consultations and meetings to co-ordinate the ‘way-forward’ with the Community Group and the customer. From these exercises a final tailor made scheme is created and presented to the stakeholders.

Follow Up

  • Once the site is complete, it is beneficial to undertake further consultation with the community to establish if their needs have been fulfilled. This is an opportunity to further inform the stakeholders what has been done and why as well as get feedback on how the playspace is being used and the benefits the community has seen.
  • Feedback we have received from the community at each project where we have involved young people and other stakeholders has been that each play provision has proven to be successful. Busier parks, reduced vandalism and a greater community ethos are just a few of the positive outcomes as a result of the above involvement.


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