Mordred Multi Play Unit

Castle Multi-play System

Age range: Junior - Youth/Adult
Product code: 801-MORD

Mordred, Castle Unit

Our range of Castle multi-play equipment offers five exciting modular play systems decked out in colourful panels which can be customised to provide a bespoke theme. From ladders and slides to rope walkways, monkey bars and sliding poles, our Castle modular play units can only be conquered by the bravest of knights.

mordred multi play unit

5 Play Features:

Castle Double Tower
Quantity: 1
Product code: 5124-048
Castle Low Scramble Net
Quantity: 1
Product code: 5124-033
Castle High Fireman’s Pole
Quantity: 1
Product code: 5124-037
Castle Curved Climbing Net
Quantity: 1
Product code: 5124-032
Castle High Slide
Quantity: 1
Product code: 5124-041

Wet pour
safety surfacing

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