Bouldering Wall

Climbing Walls

Age range: Junior - Youth/Adult
Product code: BWSGL/BWDBL

Constructed of a sturdy timber backing, with climbing holds of various shapes and sizes, these walls are designed to be technically challenging and whilst the climber may not be at a great height – co-ordination, stamina and skill will be required to traverse the wall.  The Bouldering Walls are of a modular design, manufactured to a standard width of 2.5m x 1.8m high.  These units are double sided and by virtue of the different sizes and shapes of the holds offer varying degrees of challenges.#

Single Sided Wall Unit


Single Sided Bouldering Wall

Double Sided Wall Unit


Double Sided Bouldering Wall

Also Available:

Adjoining Wall Unit & Bouldering Wall Combination

Comprising of 4 Units




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