Single Bay 2 Seat Viking Swings


Age range: Early Years - Youth/Adult
Product code: 6040-103

Single Bay 2 Seat Viking Swings

Everyone loves a swing, from adults to toddlers, and Wicksteed’s 2-Seat Viking Swings ensure hours of fun for all the family. With the option of cradle seats, flat seats or both, this fantastic example of playground equipment can be customised for any target age range and guarantee that no one is left out of the fun.

c/w 2x Cradle Seats

One bay 2 cradle swing playground equipment

c/w 2x Flat Seats

One bay 2 flat swing playground equipment

c/w 1x Cradle & 1x Flat Seat

One bay flat and cradle swing playground equipment

Wet pour
safety surfacing

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