Xylophones - Outdoor Musical Instruments

Musical Playground Equipment

Age range: Early Years - Youth/Adult
Product code: 6800-010 (Cadenza) 6800-011 (Duo-Gemina)

Our range of Xylophones make a fantastic, sensory addition to any play area. Each instrument is arranged just like a traditional version of a Xylophone and can be enjoyed by multiple players. Each instrument is designed for ground installation or for wall or surface-mounting.

Cadenza – Alumba (Xylophone)

Cadenza Wooden Xylophone playground equipment

Small, stylish and strong, the Cadenza is tuned to C-Major pentatonic scale covering 2 octaves with notes arranged like a traditional xylophone. Fibre-glass based with resonators available in different colours, the Cadenza is designed for ground installation or for wall or surface-mounting.

Duo – Gemina

Duo Xylophone playground equipment

An ergonomic curved design is the trademark for the Duo which is accessible from both sides so it can be enjoyed by up to 4 players.  Maximum vibration is achieved through securely attached resonators which results in some incredible tones.


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