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Sensory Playground Equipment

Sensory play is simply any activity that stimulates a child’s senses. Our range of sensory play products provide a multitude of sounds, colours and textures that enable all children to learn through play. Sensory play is integral for any inclusive playground.

Research has shown that sensory play helps to build nerve connections in the brain which enables children to complete more complex learning tasks and also helps to develop and enhance a childs memory. Sensory play also helps to improve cognitive growth, social interaction, and fine and gross motor skills.

A lot of Wicksteed sensory playground equipment is educational. Musical playground equipment such as the aluminium tube glockenspiel can teach children about musical notes and the way in which different sized tubes will produce different notes. Similarly, our talking flowers, which are aimed at young children, allow children to talk to each other via the flowers in the same way previous generations might have using a cup and string. There is also special needs equipment that is educational in a more academic sense. For example, the caterpillar counter allows children to practise counting using sections of a caterpillar’s body.

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