Tropo Multi Play Unit

XS Cyclone Range

Age range: Junior - Youth/Adult
Product code: 801-TROP

Tropo, XS Cyclone Unit

The Tropo is a single tower multi play unit with a huge climbing wall and bannister slide. Units within the XS Cyclone range incorporate the Wicksteed ‘Outrigger’ play system and have been designed with modularity in mind. The Outriggers and Towers of the Tropo unit can be connected with a range of bridges across variable heights – which offers a progressive challenge for all users. The Tropo represents the perfect challenge for older children and its compact size makes it ideal for the smallest of play areas.

XS Tropo multi play unit playground equipment

2 Play Features:

Bannister Slide Outrigger with Access Climber
Quantity: 1
Product code: 5124-056
High Climbing Wall Tower
Quantity: 1
Product code: 5124-054

Wet pour
safety surfacing

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