Spinney Multi Play Unit

The Mini Forest Range

Age range: Early Years - Junior
Product code: 6180-SPI

The Mini Forest Range – Spinney

The Spinney unit is part of our Mini Forest multi-play system and has been designed and developed to complement the main Forest range. The Spinney has similar attributes to units within the Forest range but on a smaller, more manageable, scale for younger children from 8 years. With suspended swinging steps, suspended net tunnels and more to choose from, kids will truly feel like they’re navigating a treacherous forest!

Spinney multi play unit wooden playground equipment

10 Play Features:

Mini Forest Large Climbing Wall
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6180-124
Mini Forest Small Climbing Wall
Quantity: 2
Product code: 6180-123
Mini Forest Hexagonal Deck
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6180-121
Mini Forest Metal Play Barrier
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6180-122
Mini Forest Swinging Steps
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6180-143
Mini Forest Suspension Bridge
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6180-144
Mini Forest Triangular Deck
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6180-137
Mini Forest Log Ladder
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6180-140
Mini Forest Chasm Crossing
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6180-139
Mini Forest Log Balance Climber
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6180-127

Wet pour
safety surfacing

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