Tembo Multi Play Unit

Planet Jungle Multi-play System

Age range: Early Years - Junior
Product code: 901-TEMB

Tembo, Planet Jungle Unit

Let Wicksteed bring the jungle to your playground with a Tembo Planet Jungle Multi Play unit. The Tembo is a 3 tower multi play unit with bags of play value. The unit has a steel slide, 2 connecting bridges, climbing walls and so much more!  From normal and extra-wide slides to rope walkways and suspended handles, kids will truly feel like they’re navigating the wild and swinging through the thicket on our Planet Jungle multi play systems.

Tembo multi play unit playground equipment

10 Play Features:

Jungle Access Ladder
Quantity: 1
Product code: 90167
PJ Arch Bridge
Quantity: 1
Product code: 90113
PJ Single Slide
Quantity: 1
Product code: 90159
PJ Hexagon Tunnel
Quantity: 1
Product code: 90116
High Curved Jungle Climbing Wall
Quantity: 1
Product code: 90154
Curved Jungle Wall
Quantity: 2
Product code: 90155
Monkey Pole Slider
Quantity: 1
Product code: 90156
PJ Corner Scramble Net
Quantity: 1
Product code: 90158
Open Jungle Tower
Quantity: 2
Product code: 90152
Single Jungle Tower
Quantity: 1
Product code: 90151

Wet pour
safety surfacing

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