Gullivers Island Multi Play Unit

Mystical World Multi-play System

Age range: Early Years - Junior
Product code: 640-GULL

Gulliver’s Island, Mystical World Unit

The Gullivers Island Mystical World multi-play system is a single tower unit but has masses of play value! The unit is designed to fuel the imaginations of children, enabling them to create fantasy lands whilst they are playing and exercising. The Gulliver’s Island can help to develop physical abilities such as climbing, descending, sliding, and balancing, as well as co-operative and social skills.

Gullivers island multi play unit playground equipment

7 Play Features:

MW Mystical Hexagon Tower
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6400-047
MW Astral High Steps
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6400-063
MW Tribal Magic Spinner
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6400-068
MW Magician’s Stage
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6400-071
MW Mystic Mary – Fortune Teller
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6400-072
MW Blue/White Swirl Barrier
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6400-142BW
MW Warlock’s Slope Rider
Quantity: 1
Product code: 6400-092

Wet pour
safety surfacing

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