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Accessible Play Equipment

Wicksteed will always accommodate the needs of less able users and will work closely with our clients to ensure we meet the needs of the local community in any inclusive playground equipment design we produce.

Inclusive play equipment exists to involve children and young adults with disabilities in playing and social activities. The accessible playground requires a great deal of planning as the diverse challenges and potential risks to children and adults using the site need to be considered. As a result, understanding users’ needs is important.

Physically impaired persons include: blind or partially sighted, deaf, people with multiple sensory disabilities, people with functional impairments such as sufferers of musculoskeletal diseases and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This leaves a lot to be considered when thinking about accessible playground equipment. For example, equipment colour should contrast the background in order to minimise the risk of trips and falls.

Regardless of a person’s disability, they should have an equal chance to socialise and play. Inclusive playground equipment allows children with special needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian as they play. For example, the fully accessible playground would include a slide that was big enough for a parent to use and assist their child. This is useful as children with physical impairments may need assistance to use the equipment.

Accessible playground equipment also allows special needs children to build social skills and overcome challenges. Taking small risks when playing, or trying something new, gives children a sense of accomplishment that they can take into later life. Inclusive playgrounds aim to provide a safe and enjoyable environment to help special needs children develop and have fun.

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