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Choosing Wooden Playground Equipment

September 9, 2019

Wooden playground equipment makes a great alternative to steel particularly for playgrounds in areas of natural beauty and where a softer look is needed. Our huge range of timber playground equipment is sure to raise the fun levels of any playground and includes outdoor swings, wooden adventure trails and wooden multi-play units.

Sustainable play equipment

Manufactured using timber from sustainable sources, our wooden playground equipment comes with the same guarantees of quality you have come to expect from Wicksteed Playgrounds. Wicksteed wooden playground equipment is easily recyclable and if cared for in the right way, it can last for many years and often outlives any plastic counterpart. Wood also has a moisture content of below 20%, which means it won’t rot. While nothing is completely weatherproof, wood is a material that can survive the elements of every season. The appearance of a wooden playground is also more suitable for an eco-play area. If your playground project needs to celebrate the beauty of nature and promote the importance of preserving the world we live in, wooden equipment is visually apt.

Natural play areas

Natural materials like wood can be incorporated with sand pits, water channels or rocks to replicate an outdoor landscape in the most elegant way. Bespoke playful landforms can be created with wooden commercial playground equipment to take on any size or style to fit your project. It can be designed into any shape to suit the natural contour of your designated land. Wood is also adaptable and can be built upon, making it a scalable choice for further development in the future. If you choose to apply metal or plastic elements to your design, wood can be easily adapted to fit in with other building materials. Giving you complete versatility in the build, and allowing you to create a space that is tailored to the needs of the local community.

Sensory products for inclusive play areas.

One of the many benefits of wooden playground equipment is the variety of texture that it offers to any inclusive play area. In an inclusive playground where smell and texture are all part of the fun, adding the right piece of wooden equipment can make all the difference. Wood boasts tactile warmth, with better heat transfer than materials like plastic. So it’s warm when children touch it with their hand, which can be appealing in the colder season.To choose the right material for your project, it’s important to consider your climate and location. But generally speaking, wood is a good all-rounder and can work anywhere in the world. Wooden playgrounds are also extremely safe. This is something that appeals to parents, and can help to provide peace of mind at school or in the playground.

Harestanes Inclusive Boardwalk

Wooden Multi-Play units

Wicksteed Playgrounds designs and manufactures a range of wooden multi-play units suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. The Young Explorer range of wooden multi-play units is perfect for little imaginations and provides just the right amount of challenge for the toddler to junior age group. For children seeking more risky, challenging play the Forest range offers something akin to a low level high wire experience and enough challenging elements to keep children and teenagers occupied for hours.

Written by: Andy Prentice
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