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Wicksteed Creates Scotland’s First All-Inclusive Play Park!

May 29, 2018

Wicksteed Playgrounds has helped turn the dreams of the Play As One Scotland charity (pa1s) – to create Scotland’s first all-inclusive play park – into reality. The £200k play area took 4 months to complete and includes a music and sensory garden and equipment such as swings, roundabouts and electronic games that have all been specifically designed for youngsters with or without a physical or learning disability.

Inclusive play

The design of the play area, which has been given a prominent position within Pittencrieff Park, has focused on the use of vibrant and stimulating colours with nature themed surface graphics, a sensory garden and equipment that uses sound, touch, vision and electronics and is wheelchair friendly. Wicksteed Playgrounds, which designed and installed the project, has a great deal of expertise in creating all-inclusive play schemes and has always accommodated the needs of less able users through working with local communities.

Inclusive play

Inclusive play

Play As One Scotland (pa1s) is a new Scottish charity, created three years ago by a group of friends that believe all children, no matter their ability, should be able to play together – making play inclusive for ALL!

Trustee, John Nicol said, “We think that all children should have equal access to, and opportunity to participate in, play.  Our aim is to raise funds to create inclusive play areas for able and disabled children in Scotland.

We’ve raised £150,000 for this park and have received funding from the likes of Amazon, Fife Environmental Trust, the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust and Thomas Cook.

The playpark itself is in a prime location to help send the message to society to treat everybody the same. We are trying to get children to see that people less able than themselves are truly children with the same interests as they have.”

Inclusive play roundabout

Wicksteed Sales Director, Stuart Wetherell, commented, “This project has been a great one to work on as inclusivity is one of our specialisms.  We were delighted to have chosen as the preferred play company following the tender process.  Our state of the art manufacturing processes and use of the latest materials mean we can create bespoke play areas and provide play equipment that is relevant and different to each site.  Our new Play Alive electronic system we have installed at Pittencrieff is a fantastic way of keeping computer-savvy kids fit and active and creates a real focal point for the play park.”

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Written by: Andy Prentice
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