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Wicksteed Apprentice Scheme (NITAL)

August 8, 2016

Wicksteed Apprentice Scheme (NITAL)

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With recent investment in its UK production facilities, Wicksteed Playgrounds has also invested in its future generation of skilled engineers through an Apprentice Scheme with training and development specialist, NITAL. Wicksteed is currently working with two apprentices who are fully employed at the company.

Wicksteed Playgrounds, based in Northamptonshire, has made significant investments this year; in its manufacturing centre; through new technology and increasing skilled personnel. The UK play company has recently invested £105K in improving its manufacturing centre. This has included the introduction of an additional state-of-the-art paint shop and in-house 3D printing capabilities, which has been invaluable in creating perfectly scaled prototypes of new equipment.

David McAlwane, Operations Manager from Wicksteed commented, We have been really pleased with the quality of apprentices that NITAL has been able to source for us.  Our youngest apprentice is Jarred Price and at just 17 impressed us from the start.  On leaving school and realising his employment opportunities in the North East were poor, he made the move to Northamptonshire to stay with family in order to pursue a career in engineering.

Our second candidate, Bailey Anderson, 19, came to us with previous engineering experience.  He has an engineering role in the company and we can already see that he has a very positive future ahead of him and are delighted that he is part of our team.

Another recent employee is Martin Scott, who is too old to qualify for the apprenticeship scheme, but is currently having on- the- job training and we are confident he, too, will do well in the business going forwards.

Each individual’s training scheme varies in length and aims for the apprentice to gain knowledge and skills in a multitude of departments from engineering fundamentals to machining and fabrication. Each apprentice is mentored by senior staff at Wicksteed and is assigned a training officer from NITAL.  The training officer makes a work based assessment every 4-6 weeks to ensure each apprentice is progressing with their academy studies and placement.

Northamptonshire Industrial Training Association Ltd (NITAL) was established in 1969, as a charitable organisation, and has been providing first class, accredited training ever since.

Written by: Andy Prentice
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