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Visit your local playground this summer holiday!

July 19, 2019

The summer holidays are soon upon us and what better time to visit your local play area. A month-long break that can often lead to boredom, stress and twiddling your thumbs wondering what to do next to keep the kids entertained. With new research indicating that children are spending less and less time outside, why not make the most of the nice weather and head to your local playground this summer?

Children spend half the time playing outside compared to what their parents did.

Now more than ever it’s essential that children get outside and play. Studies by the National Trust revealed that today’s kids are spending half the time playing outside compared to what their parents did. Outdoor playgrounds are essential for every child’s development and as fun as computer games can be, they are no substitute for getting outside in the fresh air and playing with friends. The Association of Play Industries recently commissioned Dr Aric Sigman, a leading expert on the effects of screen time on children, to put together a research report that illustrated a strong link between screen time and inactivity.

Castle Multi-Play Unit

Benefits of outdoor play

Wicksteed Playgrounds have a multitude of playgrounds up and down the country that are guaranteed to keep children entertained throughout the summer holidays. It’s proven that playing outdoors improves fitness, helps children to develop their social skills, develop their coordination and helps to build children’s confidence. Outdoor play makes children happier, improves general well being and reduces stress. Encouraging kids to play outside on age-appropriate play equipment is a great start to increasing active playtime outdoors and creating a fun environment for children. Think back to what you enjoyed doing as a child and bring that same imagination and creativity to your child’s free time. Wicksteed offers a great range of equipment that caters to a broad age group from toddlers to teenagers.

Outdoor play for toddlers

We have a fantastic range of products designed especially for toddlers. Our toddler play range helps little ones develop their movement, social skills and imagination. In addition to the various physical benefits associated with outdoor play, our creative playground products can also help to stimulate mental development in many ways too. We offer a great range of educational panels, playhouses and multi-play units that are sure to keep younger children entertained for hours. There are timber play options available for more natural areas and steel play options for more heavily used locations.

Cockerel rock n roll

Outdoor Play for Juniors

Children need to feel challenged during play and at Wicksteed, we offer a huge range of climbing units, slides and dynamic swings to provide a safe level of challenge and risk to children in the junior age range. Many pieces of our playground equipment support large groups, which means that children have to learn to be patient and respectful of others, providing valuable social skills too.

Outdoor Playground Equipment for Teens

More than 150,000 UK teenagers spend over eight hours per weekend on their phones. A study at the University of Sydney found that teenagers who exercised for two or more hours a week were healthier and happier than those who didn’t. In addition, one quarter believes that video games count as exercise. With this in mind it’s essential that teenagers get out more. Our specially designed teen products offer physical and mental benefits, which teens can carry into adulthood as well as providing the challenge and risk element teenagers crave. There are also a whole host of benefits from our comprehensive range of outdoor fitness equipment. We have Outdoor fitness zones dotted all over the UK, check out the interactive map to find your nearest one!

Peace of mind

It’s paramount that children are able to play outdoors in a safe environment. At Wicksteed Playgrounds all of our outdoor play areas meet stringent safety guidelines to ensure peace of mind for parents/carers. Children should always be supervised during play but knowing that they are having fun on fully safety tested products means you can relax whilst they build their imaginations. Now you’re ready to visit your local playground this summer.

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Written by: Andy Prentice
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