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How to create the perfect outdoor gym

September 7, 2020

Creating the perfect outdoor gym needn’t be an uphill struggle. By following this simple guide you could be well on the way to having a new fitness zone in your outdoor space.

Identifying a location

The first step in creating your new outdoor gym should be identifying the potential location and the size of the space you have available. Access should also be an important consideration but bear in mind that for safety reasons there should be a considerable distance between any outdoor fitness zone and a play area.

Community engagement

Before installing a new outdoor fitness zone it’s always good to get some community engagement with the project. There may even be some local fitness groups in the area who could lend their expertise. Linking with a community fitness group is a great way to ensure the equipment is regularly used and taken care of.

Choosing the right fitness equipment

By providing outdoor gym equipment, you can help to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle, by exercising in an enjoyable, open-air environment. The size of the gym and the types of equipment used are entirely up to you, however, its best to choose equipment that enables users to get an all-over body workout.

Thought should be given to combining a good mix of strength and cardio-based gym equipment which will help users to both lose weight and build muscle. Examples of good cardio-based equipment include outdoor skiers, pedal cycles and rowers. For strength-based exercises, you could perhaps look at pull-down exercisers, Calisthenics units or push up bars.

Boot Camp Fitness

The perfect outdoor gym doesn’t need to be 100% equipment based. You could even create a designated space for boot camp style exercise classes using ground graphics. Graphics on the floor which designate spaces for sit-ups, press-ups and star jumps are a simple but highly effective way to add some extra functionality to your outdoor gym.

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Written by: Andy Prentice
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