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The benefits of sustainable playground equipment

February 15, 2021

These days, almost everyone is thinking about ways to reduce their carbon footprint and be more sustainable. On more than just a personal level, businesses and communities now have a duty to help preserve the environment for the younger generations. And what better way to begin doing so than with something that that younger generation can enjoy right now: sustainable playground equipment.

Aside from the obvious advantages of helping to reduce your environmental impact, outdoor sustainable playground equipment offers a number of additional benefits, for both the children using it and the adults purchasing it:

A seamless look

Many outdoor playgrounds are in parks or woodland areas surrounded by grass and trees. Sustainable wooden outdoor play equipment, such as our revetments or stepping logs, blends into the surrounding environment, helping to create a more natural look. Similarly, playground bark is a great natural looking alternative to standard rubber flooring, while still offering a safe surface.

A lesson in environmental responsibility

When used in school playgrounds, recycled and sustainable playground equipment can be used as a valuable learning tool. Not only can it teach children about the benefits of recycling and how materials can be recycled, but by seeing a fun and exciting end product it will encourage them to recycle materials themselves.

Durable play equipment

Sustainable wooden playground equipment is especially durable. This means it is great value for money and a perfect investment, as it will last a long time without being weathered or seeing a reduction in quality or safety. When your play equipment does have to be replaced however, if it is made of sustainable and natural materials it can be recycled again into something new, keeping the cycle going.

Improve social and corporate responsibility schemes

In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, many communities, schools and housing developments have environmental targets they wish to adhere to. If you are already planning on purchasing outdoor play equipment, making a sustainable choice by choosing wooden climbing frames or recycled materials will help to reach those targets without needing an increased budget.

Sustainable playground equipment from Wicksteed Leisure

At Wicksteed, we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and hope to pass that along to our customers too. We are proud to have been awarded BS ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard and continue to provide sustainable design concepts and construction techniques throughout our work.

All of our wooden play equipment is made using timber sourced from responsibly managed sources, while the majority of our other products are made using recycled or sustainable materials. Just look for the recycle symbol in our brochure!

At Wicksteed, we have more than a century of experience manufacturing play equipment. We can help you design the perfect environmentally-friendly playground that suits the requirements of your school, housing development or community park. For more information, get in touch on 01536 517028 or send us an enquiry.

Written by: Chris Rogers
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