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Playground Hygiene

June 10, 2020

Wicksteed is currently in the process of looking into new ways to keep our playgrounds hygienic and user friendly for all who use our play equipment and outdoor gyms.

The only way to ensure correct hand hygiene is through rigorous handwashing and the use of sanitizers and sprays with an alcohol content above 70%. The Health and Safety Executive recommends sanitizers should contain 70% alcohol or above for effective viral and bacterial control. Sanitizers and sprays with an alcohol content above 70% are highly flammable and we recommend that our customers refrain from installing hygiene stations that use them in close proximity to any play areas. This is because of the increased risk of vandalism and bottlenecks that could occur at these stations creating a greater risk to people’s health.

To find out more visit www.hse.gov.uk or contact us

Written by: Andy Prentice
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