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Ideal play equipment for a parish or town play park

February 3, 2020

When looking for the ideal playground equipment for your play area it’s always useful to draw up a plan first. Things to consider are how much space you have available, who will be using it and your budget. Once you have your plan in place you can begin to look at your playground equipment options.

Playground planning

Wicksteed can help at even the earliest stages of playground development. Our team of sales managers and designers can help you to pick the perfect equipment for your space. Using the very latest computer-aided design technology, Wicksteed can bring your space to life and give you a clear idea of what is possible for your budget.

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Playground equipment for toddlers

Ensuring good site lines for parents and easy access to imaginative, low-level play products are essential for any toddler area within a play park. Playground equipment such as Talking flowers and activity panels make wonderfully eye-catching and educational additions.

Playground Swings

No playground is complete without a set of swings. For younger children’s play areas you should consider cradle seat swings. Younger children can feel all the exhilaration and excitement of a swing with the security of our safety tested cradle seats. Basket and flat seat swings work well in most older children’s play parks. Alternatively, why not get the best of both worlds with a mix and match swing that features both cradle and flat seat swings.

Multi-Play Play Equipment

Multi-play units make a wonderful addition to any play area. Not only do they help to improve gross motor skills, imagination and social skills, they are also jam-packed with activities to ensure many children are kept entertained at the same time.

Wicksteed Multi-play units are available in a huge variety of sizes and colours. From our smallest units in the Nursery Rhymes range which are the perfect size for toddlers looking for an adventure to our XS Cyclone range which provides the perfect balance of risk and excitement for children in the older age group.

Playground Roundabouts

The joy that can be had from a playground roundabout is timeless and kids just love the spinning sensation of these play park staples. Roundabouts come in an array of shapes and sizes and choosing the right one can depend on a number of factors such as expected footfall at the park, the need for inclusive play products and the age of the children the park is being created for. For parks with an expected high footfall, it may be best to go for a large spinning disc that can accommodate multiple children at one time. For smaller areas where space is limited perhaps consider a Turnstile or Zig Zag Twister.

Dynamic Play Equipment

Play areas are much more appealing when a good variety of play equipment is available for a broad age group.  Older children crave risk and excitement and Wicksteed’s range of dynamic play products are guaranteed to please even the bravest of thrill-seekers! Older kids will enjoy the Crusader rope end swing, the Surf Rider or the Pendulum Swing.

Play Equipment material choice

Picking the right material choice for your new play area is paramount. For areas of high use and that are susceptible to vandalism, steel is by far your best option. For more natural, wooded areas timber always works best. Timber is an incredibly versatile material. All of the timber used in our Wooden play equipment ranges is sustainably sourced and pressure treated to improve longevity.  Our steel equipment goes through a unique 2 step paint process to ensure your play products last.


Written by: Andy Prentice
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