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Outdoor fitness with Wicksteed

January 7, 2020

As we begin the new year many of us want to take steps to improve our health and wellbeing. This normally involves making changes to our diet and improving fitness at a local gym. Regardless of age or ability, regular exercise is vital for all.  Gym memberships can prove costly and although many of us start with good intentions all too often we stop going but continue to pay an expensive membership fee. Why not kick off your new year fitness plan for free and in the fresh air at your local outdoor gym instead?

Outdoor Gyms

Outdoor fitness zones are becoming more commonplace throughout the country and you’re never too far away from a dedicated Wicksteed FLZ outdoor gym. Locations of all of our outdoor gyms can be found here. Our outdoor gyms work in conjunction with the dedicated Wicksteed FIT app which allows you to keep track of your progress and build up points to add an element of competition with friends and family.

Wicksteed Outdoor Fitness Range

The Wicksteed Fitness Legacy Zone range of outdoor fitness equipment is made up of over 25 separate pieces of equipment each one specifically designed to work different areas of the body. Resistance is provided by a users body weight and is suitable for beginners right through to experienced athletes. All of our fitness products are available in a variety of different colour combinations.

Outdoor gym equipment

Inclusive Outdoor Fitness

Wicksteed is a firm believer in fitness for all, which is why we offer a range of easily accessible inclusive fitness products which include the Inclusive Chest Press and Pull Down Combo Exerciser, Inclusive Hand Bike and Two Wheel Spinner.

Wicksteed Callisthenics

For more experienced gym users Wicksteed offers the Callisthenics Static Fitness Zone. Our Calisthenic multi-station gym allows users to perform rhythmic bodyweight exercises. These exercises can benefit both muscular and cardiovascular fitness. Use of the Wicksteed Callisthenics zone can also help to improve psychomotor skills such as balance, agility and coordination. Wicksteed has installed several callisthenics zones throughout the UK, visit your local park or visit the website to find your nearest one.

Wicksteed Fitness

Wicksteed FIT app

Keep track of all your Wicksteed outdoor gym workouts with the Wicksteed FIT app. With the app, you can discover nearby outdoor fitness equipment, fitness advice and workouts to help keep you in shape. To access the app simply type wicksteed.fit into your browser or access the app via the link on the Wicksteed homepage and start your fitness journey today!

Written by: Andy Prentice
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