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New year, new you? Get fit this January with outdoor fitness equipment

January 8, 2021

After the indulgence of the Christmas period and a few too many mince pies, chocolates and pigs in blankets (if you can really have too many), for some the new year is a time to create new healthy habits as they resolve to eat less and exercise more. But this year, with lockdowns and restrictions still in place, these new fitness fanatics will be forgetting about the usual expensive gym memberships. Instead, they will be looking for alternative ways to stay in shape. With Wicksteed’s range of outdoor fitness equipment, people of any age and physical ability can get outside and get active. Keep reading to discover some of our top picks.

Space Walker

The space walker is one of the most popular items of outdoor exercise equipment due to its versatility and suitability for all manner of ages and abilities. It is ideal for improving cardiovascular health, helping to burn calories if weight loss is your goal, while also increasing flexibility and mobility in your hips.


For those wanting to increase muscle and strength, the rower offers a simple way to tone the legs, arms and abdominal muscles. It can also help improve stamina and overall fitness. As this exercise is less intense than others, it is ideal for older exercisers as there is little strain on the joints or back.

Sit Up Bench

For fitness beginners, outdoor gym equipment like our sit-up bench can help to ensure proper form, reducing any strain or injury while increasing the effectiveness of each exercise. The sit-up bench can be used to tone the abs and legs without putting additional strain on the back or neck.

Inclusive Gym Equipment

Our range of outdoor fitness equipment includes several inclusive options to make your outdoor gym suitable for everyone. The inclusive chest-press and pull-down exerciser combo and inclusive hand bike are designed with space for wheelchair users, for effective exercise without compromise.

The benefits of outdoor gyms

The importance of regular exercise is widely known, but outdoor fitness has many proven additional benefits. It can increase energy, focus and positivity, while the fresh air in your lungs will help you to feel revitalised and awake.

Outdoor gyms require no membership or monthly payments, but our equipment still complies with all British safety standards including BS EN 16630:2015 for safe installation and maintenance. With outdoor fitness equipment, you can combine your workout with a run around your local area, or even a trip to the park with your children.

Wicksteed Fitness App

The Wicksteed Fitness app offers tailored workout advice from personal trainers so even complete beginners can get the most out of our fitness equipment. Featuring a workout history log, fitness videos, and point-based rewards, teenagers and adults of all ages are encouraged to get active and get fit. Download it now to get started!

For parks, housing developments, and even schools, outdoor fitness equipment is the perfect solution for helping people get in shape this new year. As experts in playground and outdoor fitness equipment, we can help you create the perfect outdoor gym, from the equipment you need to the flooring you should use. For more information, get in touch today on 01536 517028 or email sales@wicksteed.co.uk.

Written by: Chris Rogers
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