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Made for Two! - Wicksteed Memory Swing

June 17, 2016

Once again, Wicksteed has launched some very exciting new products this year, including the interactive Memory Swing which allows toddler and carer to swing face to face.  There’s the impressive looking Rope End Crusader Swing which can accommodate a few users at one time, challenging the older ones to get the swing in motion whether standing or sitting on the coiled seat. Brand new multi-plays include the XS Cyclone and Castle ranges and the DDA compliant stylish Swirl roundabout provides the ideal fully-inclusive addition to a play area.

Mill Road Park, Kettering- Mother and toddler swing, 11th March 2016.

Toddler and mum swing face to face with the Memory Swing

What better way for adults to totally connect with their young toddler when at the playground than to be able to sit right opposite them on a swing! Wicksteed is now launching the Memory Swing which will enable parents and children to create new memories together as they interact face to face whilst gently swinging back and forth.

Its unique, ergonomic design allows all-important, eye-to-eye contact between toddler and parent/carer with the adult easily and safely controlling the movement of the swing. Constructed from seriously strong, structural steel, extra chains provide a unique swinging arrangement whereby a traditional motion is used as opposed to a straight pendulum swing movement. The Memory Swing can be ordered in a range of RAL colours and carries Wicksteed’s 7 year paint guarantee.

This is a brand new, exciting concept to be brought to the play area and one which will increase parent and toddler interaction, increase bonding experiences and help to make those visits to the park that little bit more special.

Written by: Andy Prentice
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