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Keeping kids entertained during the lockdown

May 4, 2020

Based on government guidelines outdoor playgrounds are unfortunately closed. All of us at Wicksteed can’t wait until our playgrounds are full with happy smiling faces once again but until then we have included a number of fun things you can do at home during this lockdown period.

PE with Joe

You’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard of Joe Wicks and his live PE lessons streamed from his living room! Physical activity is essential for a child’s development. Exercise boosts brainpower, promotes learning, aids concentration and most of all keeps you fit and healthy. Until our playground equipment can be used again this is a brilliant way of keeping active.


Watching something grow from seed to plant is a fantastic way to bring science from the classroom to your home. Getting children involved in the process and showing them what plants need to grow and survive will create a sense of ownership and fun. Good Housekeeping magazine has 9 expert tips for gardening with kids.

Gardening Pic

Live streams from Zoo’s

Children can learn all about the animal kingdom from the comfort of their own living room with live streams from many of the UK’s most popular Zoo’s. Edinburgh Zoo has a number of cameras set up around the park so children can watch Penguins, Pandas, Lions and Tigers and learn all about these fascinating creatures.

Interactive Phonics

Make spelling fun using some chalk and a water pistol. Write several words and sounds on a wall and get your children to spray the chalk away when they find the word or sound!

Interactive phonics

Oak National Academy

The Oak National Academy is a brilliant online resource featuring real teachers and real lessons for school ages Reception all the way to Year 10! You simply choose the appropriate age group for your child and every day there are 3 subjects focussed on Maths, English and Science for your child to take part in.

Oak academy


Keep all of your old boxes and toilet roll tubes and let the fun begin! Crafting is a great way to boost your child’s imagination and creativity. Throw in some poster paint, wrapping paper and a few pipe cleaners and you’re ready to go. Just make sure you put some newspaper down and keep some cleaning cloths handy!


Written by: Andy Prentice
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