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Bring the classroom outside with interactive school playground equipment

March 26, 2021

When children are young, the time they spend outside the classroom is equally as important as the time they spend inside it. Through their play, children can develop crucial mental, social and motor skills that won’t be stimulated by just sitting at a desk. But, by investing in interactive school playground equipment, these two aspects of the school day can combine as one. Learning becomes fun, and play becomes educational.

Offering a wide range of stimulating activities for children at all stages of their early years’ education is so important, and at Wicksteed, we can help you make every learning opportunity a fun one. Below we discuss some of our favourite interactive outdoor play equipment sure to make a difference to break time and lesson time alike.

Classic Clock

One of our favourite pieces of outdoor play equipment perfect for any primary school playground is the classic clock. With two rotating dials, our Cuckoo Clock panel allows children to experiment with understanding time in a casual setting. Developing their confidence while on the playground can create a more positive classroom environment for young children, and the chance to show off their understanding of the clock to their friends while playing ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’ is not one to be missed.

Simon Says

Our Simon Says outdoor activity panel offers a great opportunity for children to develop their listening skills outside of the classroom, in a way that is arguably more fun than listening to their teacher all day! Not only that, the additional auditory stimulation caters to those students who struggle with reading and find understanding verbal instructions to be an easier task, making sure that these children are still included in playground games.

Puzzle Panel

Interactive puzzles such as our Motor Racing Circuit Maze panel offer a fun way for children to practice their problem-solving skills on the playground. The maze allows all children the chance to feel gratified by the physical evidence of their efforts once they reach the finish mark. In turn, applying these skills that children pick through play to their classroom encourages positive feelings about their own primary school experience. Puzzles like these are especially suitable for those visual learners in the classroom, who perhaps struggle with written problems.

Memory Matching

Nothing is more interactive than a pairs matching game. This memory game allows for early years students to practice their matching ability and improve their memory. However, the biggest benefit of this game is that it can be played either alone or with a classmate. Creating opportunities for children to cooperate with their peers is a great way to encourage mature behaviour and allow them to forge friendships, made all the more successful due to their playful beginning.


Here at Wicksteed, our outdoor interactive school playground equipment ensures that break time is stimulating and enriching. We are committed to providing schools with educational and enjoyable resources and can work with you to design the perfect playground for your students. To find out more about the services we offer please get in touch or browse our product brochure.

Written by: Chris Rogers
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