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Bespoke Play from Wicksteed

April 27, 2016

Wicksteed is the forerunner of bespoke play design and equipment in the UK and has the facilities to be able to create unique, one- of-a-kind play areas that can be tailor made to suit any environment and space.

Walton Hall Gardens

Wicksteed has over 95 years dedicated play experience in knowing exactly what children want and what they find exciting and engaging at all ages.  Its award winning play scheme designs can incorporate bespoke elements to totally transform areas and follow themes such as woodland, seaside, dinosaur or fantasy to reflect an individual site’s history or location.

Stuart Wetherell from Wicksteed commented,

Our team of experienced designers know what is creatively possible within a designated play space and can bring the most ambitious and complex design concepts to life, from giant stone aircraft climbers to an impressive dragon’s head slide.  We work closely with our clients to ensure that our designs are not only eye-catching but also that the play experience is the best it can be for all ages and abilities.


The following play areas were transformed by Wicksteed:

  • A magical fairyland theme was created for Walton Hall Gardens in Warrington with brightly coloured flower safety surfacing
  • A huge colourful dragon’s head slide has breathed life into a play area in Cambridge which led ingeniously onto a timber play structure as part of its body
  • An impressive bespoke timber galleon was launched in Oban Community Park  for Argyll and Bute Council
  • Haigh Woodland Park is proud to provide children with a woodland themed play area which features two towering Tree Houses complete with slides
  • To mark the history behind an old wartime airfield, an iconic Spitfire rockscape landed at Hornchurch Country Park!

Plane Boat

Wicksteed provides a free quotation and design service to ensure your play area becomes the talking point of the community and gives all children a memorable play experience!

Written by: Andy Prentice
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