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Ball courts for schools

March 9, 2020

Choosing the right MUGA (Multi-Use Games Area) for your outdoor space should start with identifying how much room you have available. Wicksteed offers a range of ball courts in a variety of sizes to suit virtually any space.  MUGAs (Multi-Use Games Areas) are traditionally designated areas for ball games such as football, basketball, netball and tennis and can be used for PE lessons, after school clubs and by sports clubs.

Smaller Areas

For smaller areas, Wicksteed recommends looking into our range of goal ends. You can configure the width and height of our goal ends and each one can be adapted to include a range of games panels to increase the play value even more! Check out the ballgames page to see an example of what Wicksteed can offer.

Ball court Surfacing

MUGA’s can be installed straight onto your existing hardstanding area or alternatively with a variety of surfacing options including artificial grass, tarmac or wet pour. Get in touch for more information about surfacing options.

Ball court Games

Raise the play value of your ballcourt with a variety of ball games play panels. These include cricket wickets, penalty shoot out panels, target panels and tennis game panels.


All of our multi-use games areas are made of heavy-duty steel grid sections and come with all of the quality guarantees you would expect from Wicksteed. Our ballcourts are available in 3 different ranges, Championship, Stadium and Premier and are available with a range of goals gates and accessories.

Health and fitness

Providing a safe place where children can exercise is vital. Our range of MUGA’s provide an enclosed area where all age groups and abilities can take part in sport within a contained safe space. The height of our ball courts can be customised to prevent balls from reaching residential property and roads.


Written by: Andy Prentice
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