Playground Inspection & Maintenance

We have produced A Guide to the Inspection and Maintenance of Children’s Play Areas, which is intended to help you understand the standard of safety required and to assist you in meeting your obligations. We have also produced a set of Check Lists designed to help you with your inspection programme which are downloadable at the bottom of this page.

place-uk_24Wicksteed offers a playground inspection and risk assessment service. Wicksteed employs Playground Safety Inspectors who are members of the Register of Play Inspectors International Limited (RPII). One of these Inspectors will check all playground equipment and ancillary items, such as fencing and furniture, regardless of manufacturer, and will submit a written report detailing their findings and their recommendations for any necessary maintenance or remedial work. The report will also include a primary risk assessment of any problems found.

Wicksteed also has a nationwide team of Service Engineers who are fully trained to carryout repairs to your playground equipment.

The playground operator has a responsibility to the public to keep play areas in a safe condition. In addition to physical safety, aspects of Health & Safety and Disability Discrimination legislation should also be addressed. This entails periodic inspection, maintenance and risk assessment – not just of the playground equipment, but of the whole site.

Personnel performing tasks as part of safety management, such as inspection, repair and maintenance, should be competent and must be provided with adequate information about their tasks, responsibilities and authority. The level of competence necessary will vary with the task and training may be necessary. Specialist work, such as welding parts of a structure that is deemed to affect the safety of the equipment, should only be carried out by appropriately qualified personnel.