Fitness Equipment

Outdoor fitness equipment for ages 14 - Adult

This outdoor fitness equipment is aimed at teenagers and adults from fourteen years of age upwards - from the complete novice right through to the experienced athlete.

The complete Fitness Legacy Zone range of professionally designed and developed outdoor fitness equipment is fully compliant with the latest British Safety Standard; BS EN 16630:2015.

Due to Wicksteed’s unrivalled in-house capabilities, the units can be produced in any colour combination and individual circuit layouts can be designed to customers’ own requirements.

Wicksteed Working with Fitness Experts

Working in conjunction with Pure Lifestyles – experts in the field of nutrition, personal health and well being and, as a partner of the government initiative Change4Life, Wicksteed has developed their Fitness Legacy Zone.

Virtual Personal Training

Using the very latest Smartphone technology, QR codes on each of the individual units can be scanned by users’ smart phones. Video footage is shown of the exercises that can be done on each element and the techniques to be used in executing them.This provides fitness enthusiasts with their very own personal trainer - free of charge!

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