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Magical new play area at Drumaness!

February 18, 2020

The brief for the new play area at Drumaness was to remove the existing play equipment and design, supply and install a new play area whilst making sure it was suitable for all ages and abilities. The equipment choices for the play area were based on a community consultation report, customer budget of £68,000 and the amount of space available.

This play area offers a bright pop of colour in the rural village of Drumaness, it is a fun and vibrant place. There was an old concrete mound with inbuilt steps and slide, rather than knock it down we decided to re-imagine it as a rainbow layer party cake. We wet poured over the mound in bright coloured strips, infilled the steps with concrete and added new timber log steps and slide. Children can enjoy climbing up and whooshing down the colourful cake.

There are also 2 multi-play units and various swings for younger and older children, a variety of musical play items and play panels, twin zig zag twisters and a Teen Village shelter. For younger children, there is a Play House, Play Racer and trio of cute Toadstools.

Our Design

Drumaness Play Area

Completed Project

Drumaness finished site
Completed play area at Drumaness
XS Clmbing frame at Drumaness
XS Multi-Play at Drumaness play area
Magic rainbow mound
Magical Rainbow Play Mound


Written by: Andy Prentice
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