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Colourful new Wicksteed play area at Dysart Park - South Kesteven Council

August 13, 2019

Youngsters in Grantham are thrilled with their new outdoor play park which has replaced an outdated facility in Dysart Park. The new play area, designed and installed by Wicksteed, features a variety of exciting new colourful items.

Dysart Park Trail

Inclusive and High Energy Play Equipment

The area boasts a fantastic mix of inclusive play alongside high energy equipment. Thanks to the generosity of the local community, Dysart Park Action Group, FCC Community Action Fund and South Kesteven District Council the play area was refurbished during 2019. The play area has been designed to provide all children with a challenging, fun, interactive and stimulating play opportunity.

Swirl Roundabout

A wonderful mix of outdoor playground products

The area features a Galahad Castle for the juniors, a Swirl inclusive roundabout, a 4-Saw Seesaw, a Crazy Twister, a fantastic Mist multi-play for the toddlers, a new inclusive Basket Swing, two Fantasy Fun-Run areas, a Cockerel 3 Way, and a tall Pedestal Slide. As an addition for the children we added some fun play panels in the toddler area.

Cloud Multi Play

Customer Comment

When speaking with our Area Manager South Kestevens Mel Cummings (Corporate Operations & Property at South Kesteven Council) said: “I can’t tell you how lovely it was to visit the new play area where it was so full of happy children. Congratulations and thanks to everyone at Wicksteed”

Written by: Andy Prentice
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