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Outdoor swings, a playground staple

June 27, 2019

Playing on a set of outdoor swings is a happy childhood memory we can all relate to. The movement relaxed us as babies and as we got older swing sets provided the excitement we craved as children trying to go higher and higher. The humble playground swing has been with us in its earliest form since the 5th Century BC and we’ve been captivated by them ever since.

A century of the Wicksteed Playground Swing

Charles Wicksteed put together his first prototype for a steel playground swing over 100 years ago. The swing was constructed from repurposed steel pipes from the Wicksteed factory and given to his family for testing. It wasn’t until 2013 that this prototype was rediscovered in the back garden of the Wilkins family home in Kettering! Safety standards have certainly changed since then but the basic principle of Charles’ very first prototype remains relatively unchanged.

Early Wicksteed Catalogue

Moving with the times

Still manufacturing at the same site where Charles Wicksteed constructed his first primitive swing prototype, Wicksteed now boasts a huge array of different outdoor swing products. Technology and materials may have changed over the years but the emphasis on quality and fun is still very much ingrained in the playground company and its staff. The humble swing has now expanded into several categories in the Wicksteed range such as group swings, dynamic swings and eye to eye contact memory swings.

Group Outdoor Swings

Wicksteed produces a fantastic range of group swings that are suitable for small groups of children to enjoy at the same time. Available with either basket or tyre seats, Wicksteed group swings also make a great inclusive addition to any outdoor playground

Wicksteed Basket Swing

Dynamic Outdoor Swings

In the 100 years since the first prototype, Wicksteed has continuously pushed the boundaries of design and manufacture to ensure that the fun never ends. For really adventurous children Wicksteed offer an array of dynamic swings. Children can spin 360 degrees on the hair raising Hurricane Swing, fly back and forth on the Crusader Rope End Swing or simulate the craziness of a skate park on the Surf Rider.

Hurricane SwingMemory Swing

One of the latest additions to the wicksteed Swing range is the memory Swing. The Wicksteed Memory Swing has been ergonomically designed to allow eye-to-eye contact for toddler and parent/carer, the Memory Swing movement is controlled by the older user and provides a unique swinging arrangement.

Flat and Cradle Memory


For more info about Wicksteed’s range of outdoor swings get in touch today.


Written by: Andy Prentice
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